Secure Home and Content This Hurricane Season - JNGI

Mitigate against financial loss this hurricane season by insuring your home and its contents with JN General Insurance.  As the longest established general insurance company operating in Jamaica, we have perfected the art of providing affordable insurance coverage and excellent customer service.

A home insurance policy provides coverage for residential properties in the event of damage to the building and/or contents caused by perils, such as: hurricanes, fire, flood, earthquake, burglary and theft.  In the most severe cases, losses could run into millions of dollars, hence, your policy will provide peace of mind that you will be spared the financial burden of having to restore your property yourself. Furthermore, the policy will cover your legal liability to domestic employees and visitors to your property.

If you are not yet a homeowner, you can obtain insurance coverage for your valuable assets such as: paintings, jewellery, furniture, electronic items, clothing, and other valuable miscellaneous items.

Obtain a quote, renew or purchase your insurance online at today. The process is quick and easy.  There is no need to visit a branch. Simply submit the requisite documents electronically online and the policy documents will be sent to you via email within minutes of the completion of your transaction.

Learn more about how home and content insurance can benefit you and receive additional information about our suite of products, by calling 888-225-5636 to start a conversation with one of our Business Relationship Officers or send an email to

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