JNGI and CGM Join Hands to Reach out to CCRP Members - JNGI

JNGI Silver Shield Launch Winner: Chris Hind (right), General Manager, JNGI, presents a prize to CCRP member, Tanya McDonald Tomlinson (centre), winner of a quiz held during the Facebook Live launch of JNGI Silver Shield Auto and Property Insurance last year. Participating in the presentation is founder and CEO of CCRP, Jean Lowrie-Chin. The JNGI Silver Shield plans are offered exclusively to CCRP members who number over 11,000. 

Members of the Caribbean Community of Retired Persons (CCRP), a non-profit membership organisation for persons 50 years or older, are welcoming the opportunity of accessing excellent home and auto insurance at a reduced cost courtesy of a partnership between  JN General Insurance Company (JNGI) and leading insurance broker, CGM Gallagher.

The JNGI Silver Shield, now being sold exclusively by CGM Gallagher, provides members with attractive insurance coverage for their property and contents; as well as up to 35 per cent discount on motor vehicle insurance if their home is insured with JNGI. 

Additionally, JNGI motor insurance policyholders benefit from a 25 per cent discount for services provided by The Jamaica National Group, personal accident coverage of up to $150,000, and accident forgiveness of up to $1 million.  Furthermore, the product includes free membership in the Jamaica Automobile Association (JAA) – a JN Group member company- delivering roadside assistance, along with other convenient services such as document renewal and valet services.

Chris Hind, general manager, JNGI, explained that CGM Gallagher is ideally positioned to deliver this new product as a result of its reputation for excellence in service and advice.

“As the provider of much needed health insurance to CCRP members, it is perfectly positioned to distribute the all-encompassing protection of JNGI Silver Shield,” Mr. Hind said.

He also indicated that the special arrangement is exclusive to members of CCRP.

“We know that it is a difficult time financially for older people especially those who are retired; and, it is important that they are able to access the benefits and protection of their home and motor vehicle. Having worked so hard over the years to acquire their homes, it is absolutely critical for them to have insurance to ensure peace of mind and be able to cushion any financial loss in the event of damage or destruction to their property,” Mr Hind pointed out.

He continued: “A disaster may occur at any time, and it is always important to be prepared. In the most severe cases, losses could run into millions of dollars. Not only would such a scenario be a lot to deal with emotionally, it could be impossible to restore or rebuild property without insurance.”

The special rates are welcomed by Karen Gauntlett, a member of CCRP. For more than 40 years, she has consistently obtained motor insurance from the same provider. Switching her insurance provider and accessing the JNGI Silver Shield resulted in substantial savings for her.

“Every dollar counts,” she asserted, while disclosing that she saved $20,000 in the process.

Jean Lowrie-Chin, Founder and CEO of CCRP, which has more than 11,000 members, related that the members are grateful for the initiative as some are on pension and have a very limited budget. 

“Our members are so overwhelmed. Auto and property insurance represent tremendous savings for our members,” pointed out Mrs Lowrie-Chin, while adding that recently a member saved $30,000 on auto insurance with the JNGI Silver Shield.

She is also pleased that JNGI Silver Shield offers provides roadside assistance.

“If their car breaks down on the road, they don’t have to worry, they can get roadside assistance.  That’s so important to them,” she stressed.

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