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Motor Insurance

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You love your car and drive with care. Isn’t it time you got better coverage? Insure with JN General Insurance and experience customer service that exceeds your premium expectations.

Want answers for your questions?  See our motor insurance FAQs as you consider your coverage options.


  1. Vehicle Tracking Discount
  2. Personal Accident Coverage
  3. FREE JAA Membership – Accident Response / Emergency Roadside Assistance / Document Renewal Service / Discount Services (Show your membership card at participating outlets & save).
  4. Policy Renewal Reminders
  5. Windscreen Damages
  6. Wrecker Fees

Documents Required for Motor Insurance Policy:

You are required by law to submit certain documents to effect insurance. Below are the required documents:

  • A valid Driver’s License (if you are the policyholder and not driving a valid Voters ID or Passport along with TRN)
  • Certificate of Fitness or Customs Import Entry (where fitness is not available)
  • Vehicle Registration
  • Motor Vehicle Valuation
  • Completed JNGI Motor Proposal Form