About Us


Who We Are

JN General Insurance Company Limited (JNGI), formerly known as NEM Insurance, is the longest operating general insurance company in Jamaica with a rich tradition of excellence since its establishment in 1934. The company is a member of The Jamaica National Group, which emerged from the heritage of the Jamaica National Building Society established in 1874.

On May 1, 2012, the former NEM Insurance was renamed JN General Insurance Company, to align more closely with our parent company, and to benefit from the strength and recognition of the JN brand and reputation in the wider Jamaican marketplace. JNGI is one of the leading financial services providers in the Caribbean, and remains committed to delivering exceptional customer service through our extensive branch network system and intermediaries.

Reliability in uncertain times

JNGI is a reliable company in unexpected circumstances, as we strive to process and settle claims in a prompt and fair manner. As one of the best capitalized insurance companies in Jamaica, JNGI has the financial resources to meet all of its obligations. The company is bolstered by a group of top-rated international reinsurers who share our commitment to swift and equitable claims settlement. 

Our Promise

To help protect your assets from loss, we commit to helping you achieve the coverage you need. We do this by discussing:

  • The risks you face
  • Your insurance options
  • The extent of your coverage

We aim to explain the above through a comprehensive customer contact programme, delivered by our experienced and committed team. The better you understand your insurance needs, the better the coverage we will be able to provide you. 


JNGI is the trusted provider of insurance solutions, boldly finding ways to protect you and your community. 


We are the insurer of choice bringing the protection of general insurance to the broad majority of our people.

Core Values

DEPENDABILITY: We are reliable and always keep our word.

AUTHENTICITY: We remain true to our foundation of mutuality and enriching the lives of Jamaicans.

RESPECT: We treat all persons with courtesy, politeness and kindness. 

TRANSPARENCY: We operate in an atmosphere of openness, communication and accountability.