Homeowners Insurance 

Home insurance protects your dwelling and or Contents from risks such as hurricanes, earthquakes, fire, flood and burglary, which can result in substantial repair costs when they occur. When a disaster damages or destroys the valuable investment you worked so hard to acquire, your home insurance relieves you of the associated stress and financial burden of replacing or repairing your assets, as these setbacks are transferred to your insurer. 

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Why Choose JNGI for Contents Insurance

Covers Legal Liabilities 

Your home insurance also provides you with protection against claims arising from legal liabilities that may arise following the injury or death of a guest on your property caused by your negligence. 

Peace of Mind 

In the event of a calamity, JN General Insurance provides you with peace of mind. We’ll compensate you for your loss, therefore, enabling you to restore your property quickly. 

Easy to Access 

No need to visit a branch to purchase home insurance. Purchase online! Simply submit all the required documents via jngionline.com and your transaction will be fully processed in real time. It’s convenient and hassle-free.


Flat Annual Premium
Super Cover Policy
Covers loss or damage to the owner’s private dwelling and/or contents against perils, such as fire, lightning, hurricane, storm, tempest, earthquake and burglary. It also provides coverage for employers and property owner / public liability. 

Contents Insurance
Provides coverage for household items and personal belongings of persons in the capacity of owner or tenant of a building. Some perils insured against are fire, lightning, hurricane, storm, tempest, earthquake and burglary. 

JNGI SilverShield
An exclusively designed homeowners insurance for members of the Caribbean Community of Retired Persons (CCRP).

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Purchasing new Homeowners Insurance is subject to the availability. 

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Homeowners Insurance FAQs 

Why do I need Homeowners insurance?

Homeowners insurance provides coverage for loss or damage to your house and its contents caused by perils such as fire, hurricane, windstorm, earthquake and other insured perils. Under the homeowners insurance, you may choose to insure your building only, contents only or both building and contents.

What is Building insurance?

Building insurance covers the cost of replacing your building or repairing damage to the insured structures on your property caused by an insured peril. 

What is Contents insurance?

Contents insurance provides coverage for loss or damage to your personal possessions. For example, furniture, appliances, clothing, laptops, jewelry, paintings, gadgets etc.

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