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Home Insurance FAQ

Get answers for the most commonly asked home insurance questions below:

General Information

Homeowners insurance provides coverage for loss or damage to your house and its contents caused by perils such as fire, hurricane, windstorm, earthquake and other insured perils. Under the homeowners insurance, you may choose to insure your building only, contents only or both building and contents.

Building insurance covers the cost of replacing your building or repairing damage to the insured structures on your property caused by an insured peril.  

Content insurance provides coverage for loss or damage to your personal possessions. For example, furniture, appliances, clothing, laptops, jewelry, paintings, gadgets etc.

If a guest is accidentally injured in your home and you are legally responsible for the injury, your homeowners insurance will pay for medical expenses and damages up to the limits stated in your policy documents.

Your homeowners insurance can be arranged to cover your personal belongings whether they are stolen from your home or outside of your home, such as from your car or a hotel room while on vacation. This however will only be applicable if such items are insured on an All Risk Basis for Jamaica or worldwide.

An excess / deductible is the amount which will be paid by the policyholder for each claim made.

For example, if your policy excess is $1,000 and you suffer loss totaling $10,000, the insurer will only pay you $9,000 as you are responsible for $1,000.

Yes, for example, if you have a building only policy you can make a request to add content insurance to your policy.

You can purchase a JNGI Homeowners policy online by simply visiting JNGI Jamaica, www.jngijamaica.com ,click on the JNGI Online tab to get a quote and then purchase the JNGI Homeowners coverage option that best suits your needs. 

You can upload your documents after payment is made by logging into your online account, click ‘Document Upload’ and select the policy that you would like to upload the documents for or you can email your documents to enquiries@jngijamaica.com.

Payment for JNGI Online

VISA Debit/Credit, MasterCard Debit/Credit or Keycard

Customers can pay in full or they can pay 50% of the premium now and the balance in 30 days.

No. You can only pay balances for policies that were renewed using our JNGI Online platform.

You will receive an invoice by email with your order confirmation.

You will receive a confirmation email that will have your invoice, policy schedule and your policy documents.

Once you complete your payment on JNGI Online, within minutes your documents will be sent to the email address that you provided at the time of getting the quote.

You may visit www.jngijamaica.com click on the JNGI Online tab then log into your online account to view your documents.  If your documents are not in your account, please send an email to enquiries@jngijamaica.com and we will send you copies of your documents.

No.  Your documents will be sent electronically to you using the email address you had supplied at the time of purchasing the policy.

Renewal of Insurance

Visit www.jngijamaica.com, click on the JNGI Online tab, log into your online account and then follow the steps below:

  • Click on the ‘View Policy/Renew Policy’ tab
  • Select the ‘Renewal’ tab
  • Select the policy you would like to renew
  • Enter your payment details
  • Select ‘Make Purchase’

Once payment is successful, you will receive an order confirmation email with your policy documents.


We may require you to provide proof of purchase for the items you are claiming for, such as receipts, bank or credit card statements to show purchase made, photos etc.

We may also require proof of ownership such as valuations.

This additional information allows us to provide you with a fair and reasonable settlement for the items you are claiming for.


Yes. If you have sold your property, please send us an email to enquiries@jngijamaica.com for us to initiate the cancellation process.

Home insurance policies we offer

Insuring your home provides you with peace of mind knowing that in the event of a loss you will be able to recover quickly through financial compensation.

Super Cover Policy

This policy is designed exclusively for private houses and covers building and/or contents.
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HomeShield Content Insurance

This policy is designed exclusively for JN Members and covers contents.
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Agreed Value Policy

This policy protects you from the average clause once terms and conditions have been met.
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SilverShield Policy

This policy is designed exclusively for private houses and covers building and/or contents.
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Content Insurance

This policy insures your personal possessions for its replacement value.
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Protect What Matters

You have worked hard to acquire your home and its contents. It may be your most valuable asset, but in one catastrophic event, it could be gone. Breathe easy! JNGI is here to work with you to protect your home against disaster and to provide peace of mind.

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