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Content Insurance

Insure your personal possessions for its
replacement value.
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Contents Cover Only

Insure your personal possessions for its replacement value.

Content Insurance Covers:

  • Your furniture, appliances, laptops, jewellery,paintings, etc
  • Accidental breakage of glass
  • Removal of contents’ 

If you insure your property for less than the replacement value, we consider that you have “self-insured” the difference. If there is a claim, JNGI will share the cost of the claim with you in the same proportion that you have “self-insured”. For example, if you have insured for 70% of the replacement value of your house, in the event of a claim, JNGI would pay 70% of the loss and you are responsible for the other 30%.

(Sum Insured) / Value × Amount of the loss =Recoverable Amount

7,000,000 / 10,000,000 × 5,000,000 =3,500,000

Where you are covered for the full value of the property, the Condition of Average would not apply.


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An Excess (otherwise called a deductible) is the first portion of a claim for damage to your property that you agree to absorb (usually 2% of the sum insured in respect of catastrophe perils).

Excess exists to encourage you to protect your assets by ensuring that (as far as you are able to do so) you exercise due caution, bearing in mind that you will have to cover some of the costs in the event of a claim.

Here is an example of how your excess is calculated:

Property Insured for


Loss by Hurricane amounting to


Excess is 2%


You absorb


JNGI pays



*Subject otherwise to the terms, exclusions, provisions and conditions of the policy.

Conditions Apply*

Who is this for?

This policy is designed for persons seeking to insure personal possessions.

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