JNGI Joins Fight Against Breast Cancer - JN General Insurance

With October being observed as Breast Cancer Awareness Month, one insurance company is committing to supporting the Jamaica Cancer Society’s (JCS) fight against breast cancer by helping to raise funds to create awareness about the disease.

For every one of the first 300 new private motor policies purchased in October, JN General Insurance (JNGI) will donate J$500 to the JCS.  

The company’s efforts are in collaboration with the wider initiatives of The Jamaica National Group’s Power of Pink campaign, which has been ongoing for the past four years, to increase awareness about the disease. This year, 96 women, aged 40 or older, will be gifted mammograms.

“The theme this year is, “Pink40: Beyond the Ribbon,” and our focus, as a Group, is to educate more Jamaican women about the importance of early detection and the benefits of starting their annual mammograms at age 40”, said Chris Hind, general manager, JNGI.  “The experts have explained that, at that age, the risk of developing breast cancer increases”.

“We are aware that among the contributing factors for the low level of cancer screening among Jamaican women is the fear of getting an undesirable test result and socio-economic challenges. If we can help women to get beyond these barriers, it would significantly reduce the incidence of serious illness based on early and regular screenings,” he commented.

According to the JCS, women 40 years or older should do a mammogram at least once per year. A mammogram can detect lumps, at least two years before they are felt, and other abnormalities that may lead to cancer.

Beyond its donation to assist the JCS with efforts to fight breast cancer, JNGI is also providing a 15 per cent discount (conditions apply) on private motor vehicle insurance to 40 females during October, as a reward and celebration of women, who are disproportionately affected by cancer, and breast cancer in particular, in Jamaica.

October is recognised worldwide as, “Breast Cancer Awareness Month.”

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