JNGI Customers Get Show of Appreciation - JNGI

There was the usual finger food, grooming and massages at the JN General Insurance Company (JNGI) Customer Appreciation Day in December; however  Denise P. Harris, marketing manager, said they decided to add something extra.

“We integrated our day of showing appreciation to customers with a series of competitions held among JNGI staffers to display their creativity,” Ms Harris explained. “Our customers were delighted as they enjoyed the amazing headgear and festive dress worn by our team members, as well as being treated to a mini concert.”

Oshane Quallo (left), JNGI customer, is greeted by Andrea Gordon-Martin (right), assistant general manager, JNGI, and Christine johnson Christine Johnson (Business Development Officer, King Street)

The company, which mainly insures automobiles and properties, held its Customer Appreciation Day on December 14. Customers across the country were feted, and a special treat was held at their King Street headquarters in Kingston, where grooming services were provided by their JN Rewards partner, Totally Male Club Spa.

“There were competitions among JNGI departments and branches during December, which included: wearing the most creative hats, bow ties and scarves, and even creating their own videos,” the manager related. “Our team members were able to display their creative output to customers and for their own appreciation.”

Nickesia Thomas (right), customer, gets service satisfaction from Sharon Ellis, JNGI team member.

Customer Nickesia Thomas enjoyed the fete, declaring that, “This is something very different for me. I particularly admired the ‘Minion hat’ which a staff member was wearing. I do like what JNGI is doing.”

Andrea Gordon-Martin, assistant general manager, said that, “We have increased our focus on service delivery and underwriting efficiency; however our business is ultimately based on building positive relationships with people. Our Customer Appreciation Day assists us to remember that, and I do believe that we outdid ourselves this time around.”

Mrs Gordon-Martin added that, “We have examined the services we delivered in 2018, the positive impact this had on our customers. We plan to do even better in 2019.”

One lucky JNGI customer (left), was serenaded by Denise P. Harris(from second left), marketing manager; Girvan Wright, claims officer and Minion hat wearer; as well as Karlene Leveridge, senior manager, human relations.