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NEM participates in Beach Cleanup

“The garbage we picked up tells you a lot about out our lifestyle,” said Odette Parague. She was just one of several hundred volunteers from schools and companies across the island working to clean the Fort Rocky Beach on the Palisadoes Peninsula. They were participating in International Coastal Cleanup Day, organized by the Jamaica Environmental Trust (JETS) as part of a global beach cleanup programme involving about half a million individuals, last Saturday, September 25. “Jamaicans throw their garbage anywhere they feel,” Mrs. Parague said.

NEM Lands a Mural

One of Jamaica’s finest street murals, The Bird, was commissioned by NEM beside its downtown Kingston headquarters.

Situated on Peter’s Lane, and facing the vehicular entrance to the NEM headquarters, The Bird was executed by artist Dion ‘Sand’ Palmer, who is a member of the RokTowa downtown Kingston artists’ collective.

Jamaica will fare better than Haiti if hit by a 7.0 quake – Say scientists

SCIENTISTS on Tuesday revealed that while Jamaica could be hit with a 7.0 magnitude earthquake, similar to that felt in Haiti last January, the country would fare much better than its French-speaking neighbour.

They made their conclusions based on an earthquake risk model tested on the Enriquillo-Plantain Garden Fault that extends from the south of Hispaniola to the Plantain Garden River area of eastern Jamaica.

ODPEM wants building code to be passed, applied

The Daily Observer
Wednesday, January 11, 2012

JAMAICA'S Office of Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Management (ODPEM) wants legislation supporting the building code to be passed and applied, which the agency says is crucial in the country's preparation for earthquakes.

"Every structure and especially government infrastructure must be built to that code and that needs to be retro-fitted and I think that is the direction we need to focus," said Ronald Jackson, director general of the ODPEM.