NEM Expands Insurance Services in St. James - JNGI

NEM Expands Insurance Services in St. James

You can expect more from JNGI in the Parish of St. James, in 2012, following the opening of its offices in the Jamaica National Building Society’s (JNBS) Financial Services centre, at Catherine Hall.

Chris Hind, General Manager of NEM said the shift from the company’s Market Street location will allow the organisation to better meet the needs of its customers. This will come about through the greater ease of doing business with the general insurer, which is the longest established and best capitalised enterprise in its sector.

The JN Financial Services centre is functionally and esthetically attractive, as well as being more easily accessible to clients, he said. And, a full slate of services will be on offer, including motor insurance, business insurance and home owner insurance.

“We want a world class environment for our members and workers,” he said. “We are very pleased with the new location.”
The company is keen on improving its customer satisfaction, the General Manager pointed out; and has improved its standard of service, resulting in a 92 per cent customer satisfaction score.

“We want to continue on this trend and we see this venture by NEM into Catherine Hall as one of several initiatives that we are pursuing to ensure that we meet the needs of our clients,” he said. NEM is a subsidiary of JNBS.