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Motor FAQ

Motor Insurance FAQ

Get answers for the most commonly asked motor insurance questions below:

Otherwise called a deductible, is the first portion of a claim for damage to your vehicle. You are responsible for paying this amount regardless of who is at fault. Your insurance will pay for the remainder of the claim. The excess is usually 5% of the Sum Insured:

Motorcar insured for 1,000,000

Accident amounting to 200,000

Excess is 5% of SI or 50,000

You absorb 50,000

We pay 150,000

  • To reduce the cost of insurance
  • To eliminate small claims
  • To protect your asset by ensuring that you exercise due caution while driving, as the insured will be expected to bear some costs.

The higher excess is charged in cases where the risk of an accident occurring is higher than normal, subject to the type of vehicle and age and experience of the insured and/or driver.

5% or higher subject to other policy conditions

Year       Private Car Comprehensive Cover                 Commercial Comprehensive Cover


Yr. 1                          20%                                                                  20%

Yr. 2                          35%                                                                  30%

Yr. 3                          45%                                                                  40%

Yr. 4                          60%                                                                  55%

Yr. 5                          65%                                                                  60%


Year         Private Car Third Party Cover                          Commercial Third Party Cover


Yr. 1                         15%                                                                 20%

Yr. 2                         20%                                                                 30%

Yr. 3                         30%                                                                 40%

Yr. 4                         40%                                                                 40%

Yr. 5                         45%                                                                  45%

The main factor for escalating premiums is the overall poor claims experience of the motor pool. All premiums collected are pooled together to pay for claims. If there is a significant increase in the number and costs of claims within the annual contract, the entire pool will be adjusted the following year. However, your no-claim bonus serves to provide a savings for those who have not depleted the pool.

  • 50% deposit, balance due in 30 days
  • Premium Financing through JN Finance or any of our other approved financiers
  • Pay your premiums online using our Easy Payment options through JNLive, Scotia Online or NCB ELink.

We offer premium financing through JN Finance Ltd and other approved premium financiers. The terms on offer from JN Finance Ltd are as follows:

  • Deposit 20%
  • Balance spread over 3 to 9 months (balance can be paid at any JN branch, JN Finance or JNGI)
  • Low interest rate

NOTE: No financing on Third Party policies

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