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JNGI’s Mobile Claim Service – Easing the Stress

You can avoid the long lines and wasted time associated with settling your claim and getting your vehicle back on the road, with JN General Insurance’s new Mobile Claims Service.

The JNGI Mobile Claim Service provides a process to settle your insurance claim on an accelerated schedule, states Andrea Gordon-Martin, Assistant General Manager for Operations at JNGI. She adds that it also offers you the advantage of a group of Approved Auto Repairers (AAR) to get you back on the road as quickly as possible.

“Taking full advantage of this service will slash your claims turnaround time because the processes can be managed by an integrated system,” the Assistant General Manager said. The JNGI Mobile Claims Service, the first to be introduced in the industry, is free and is available to anyone with a JNGI motor policy who needs to file a claim.

Customers should call 1-888-225-5522 or 878-2886 and one of the Mobile Officers from JNGI’s sister company, the Jamaica Automobile Association (JAA), who operate on a 24-hour basis, will be on hand  to take care of all your vehicular related needs following an accident, she declared.

“A response team will be dispatched to meet you, at a convenient time and place,” Mrs. Gordon-Martin said. “They will register the accidents to JNGI for you, and assist with getting an Estimate of the damage to your vehicle.”

A major advantage of the JNGI Mobile Claims Service is the access it provided to a network of JAA Approved Auto Repairer (AAR) shops, she stated. The AAR is expected to produce Estimates of Repairs within 48 hours of the vehicle being sent to their facility.

Customers also have the option of using a garage of their own choice, outside the AAR network, she stated.

“For many motorists, selecting a good garage is a matter of chance,” Mrs. Gordon-Martin pointed out. “So what we have done with the formation of the AAR network, is to offer you a choice of garages which have been found to fulfill the requirements of being able to provide a good service in a comfortable and efficient manner.”

The JNGI Mobile Claims Service ensures that assistance will be provided for the appointment of an assessor, to monitor the repairs and to update you on the repair process.

“Your convenience counts, particularly after you have had an accident,” Mrs. Gordon-Martin stated. “Therefore, let us do the footwork for you, and your entire claims experience will be enhanced.”