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Having your vehicle damaged or stolen can be stressful. When an unfortunate incident occurs, JN General Insurance will get you back on your wheels quickly.

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Free emergency roadside assistance

Your complimentary membership with the Jamaica Automobile Association (JAA) comes with benefits.  Also, enjoy great discounts when you show your JAA membership card at participating merchants.

Discounts on Insurance

Reduce the amount you pay for insurance by accessing many available discounts.


No need to visit a JNGI location. Simply purchase your motor vehicle insurance online and your policy will be fully processed in real time.

Your Insurance Options

Choose from our comprehensive or third party suite of insurance coverages:

Comprehensive Insurance

Protect your vehicle against accidental damage, collision or overturning.
You also get coverage for your legal liability for property damage, injury or death to third parties.

Products Windscreen
Accident Coverage
Excellent Third Party
Limits of Liability
Key Replacement JAA Membership
(inclusive of Accident
and Emergency Roadside Assistance)
Loss of Use Wrecker Fee
JNGI ValueShield
JNGI ValueShield+
JNGI SureShield+ X X
JNGI SilverShield
(exclusively for CCRP members)
JNGI RedShield X X
Commercial (Private)
Commercial (Public)

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Third-Party Insurance

Get coverage for damage caused by your vehicle to someone else’s property.  This insurance does not cover damage to your own vehicle.

Products Flat Annual Premium Personal Accident Coverage Windscreen Benefit Accident and Emergency Roadside Assistance Loss of Use Wrecker Fee Flexibility to purchase insurance for 30, 60 or 90 days
JNGI ValueShield X
JNGI ValueShield+ X
JNGI RedShield X

Key: yes = ✓ | No = X | For an additional premium = 

Motor Insurance FAQs

Ans. The Motor Vehicles Insurance (Third Party Risks) Act of 1941, states that a minimum level of insurance is compulsory if you intend to operate a motor vehicle on the Jamaican roads. Being caught driving a vehicle that has no insurance is an offence. In addition, it aids in protecting you against legal liabilities resulting from an accident.

Ans.  Motor insurance protects you, your vehicle and other motorists against liability in case there is an accident.

Ans. Comprehensive insurance coverage is a motor vehicle insurance policy that covers damage to your vehicle and provides protection for legal liabilities to other persons.  All Comprehensive policies are subject to an Excess.

Ans.  Third Party insurance coverage provides coverage to the insured against legal liability to third parties.

Ans. You may switch to Comprehensive Insurance if your vehicle is not over 25 years old.


  1. Excess Buy Back
  2. Uninsured Driver Benefit
  3. Increased Liability Limited
  4. Increased Wrecker Fees
  5. Increased Personal Accident Benefits
  6. Accident Forgiveness
  7. Increased Audio Equipment Benefit
  8. Alternative Transport Benefit