SuperCover insures your residence together with all its domestic outbuildings, pools, hard courts, boundary walls, patios, external service tanks (excluding satellite equipment and generators, unless specifically declared), fences etc. The SuperCover Policy also allows you to insure your household items and personal belongings for example: furniture, appliances, computers, jewellery, paintings, and other items of value in your home.

SuperCover is formulated on a replacement or “new for old” basis, subject to deductions for wear and tear or any electronic equipment or appliances over 5 years old. You should ensure that at all times the items are insured for the current replacement cost to avoid the application of “average” or under insurance clause.
Perils Covered
The Super Cover policy provides coverage against: Fire, Lightning, Explosion, Hurricane, Windstorm, Earthquake, Volcanic Eruption, Flood, Riot, Strike, Malicious damage, Impact damage, Burglary, Theft, Liability and where agreed, “All Risks” cover on certain items. At no additional cost, coverage is extended for:

  • Subsidence (caving in or sinking of an area of land)
  • Heave (rise and fall of land) of the site on which the buildings are erected.
  • Landslip
  • Any accident or misfortune (for building cover)
Super Cover Policy
Agreed Value Policy
Content Insurance

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