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Drive Smart with JNGI

The new JNGI Drive Smart motor insurance policy aims to provide affordable insurance to younger drivers, says Lynford Reece, Senior Manager, Distribution.

Providing motor insurance for young drivers, and particularly young male drivers, can be a challenge, Mr. Reece said. This is because they are responsible for a disproportionate number of the accidents on the roads, and thus face higher premium payments.

“We encourage these less experienced drivers to complete the Jamaica Automobile Association Driver Improvement Course,” he stated. “This helps them to anticipate dangerous situations, tackle adverse conditions, and deal with the mistakes of others.”

Those young drivers who complete the course are offered a 40 percent discount off their premium. Simply signing up for the JNGI Drive Smart policy earns these drivers a 15 percent discount.

Gosma Buddoo, Member Services and Communication Manager at the JAA, says the main aim of the course is to, “foster behavior change among participants, in how they operate on the road and in relation to other road users.”

The policy is open to drivers 20-29 years old who want Comprehensive or Third Party coverage, but drivers who are 17 years -19 years old you may also be offered coverage on completion of the JAA Driver Improvement course.

“We want to appeal to mature young people who are often seen as high risk,” Mr. Reece stated. “This gives them an opportunity to get into the insurance market at a lower cost.”

“JNGI Drive Smart targets young professionals who are the holders of a valid driver’s license for a minimum of one year and have been accident free for that period,” he said.