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Affiliates and Partners

Partners & Affiliates



As a member of JN Bank, you will receive up to 30% off your motor insurance if you:

1. Currently have an account with JN Bank or any other member company of The Jamaica National Group: 20% off motor insurance

2. Have a mortgage with JN Bank and property is insured with JNGI: 10% off motor insurance and $200,000 free content insurance if the content is over $2M. There are even more ways to save. Once you present your JAA Membership or JN Bank debit/credit card, you will receive discounts from our partners.

Visit JN REWARDS to view our discount partners and learn how to save.


The Jamaica Automobile Association (JAA) Driver Improvement Programme is a training course that goes beyond the mastery of the road code and the basic mechanics of driving, and seeks to inculcate the tenets of defensive driving. Essentially the programme seeks to improve the driving skills of customers and certification in the programme can lead to a discount of up to 40% off motor insurance. This programme is perfect for but not limited to: erfect for but not limited to:

  • Drivers who have had accidents in the past
  • Drivers under 21 years of age
  • Persons with little or no driving history in Jamaica
  • Drivers with a license for less than one year
  • Drivers who wish to protect their vehicles and excellent driving records


Third Party Club

Once you have taken out a third party policy, you are automatically enrolled in the JNGI Third Party Club. As a Third Party Club member, you will receive a FREE JAA Membership which gives you the following benefits:

  • Roadside Assistance*
  • Mobile Claims Response
  • Document Reminder Alert
  • Merchant Discounts locally and overseas
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