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Laptops, projectors for primary schools

June 17, 2012

Jamaica Observer/Careers & Education

SIX schools across the island are scheduled to receive laptops and projectors valued at approximately $360,000 under the Jamaica Partnership Education (JPE) Initiative. The six are: Allman Town Primary located in Kingston, Christiana Moravia Primary in Manchester, Exchange All- Age in St Ann, Black Hill All- Age in Portland, Park Mountain Primary in St Elizabeth, and Maldon Primary in St James.

Allman Town, located off Victoria Street in Kingston, has already received its donation as stakeholders in the project handed over the equipment at the institution last Tuesday.

The JPE initiative is a nonprofit programme operated by the Jamaica National Building Society (JNBS) Foundation in partnership with the JN General Insurance Company Limited. It aims to facilitate improved literacy and numeracy rates in primary and junior high schools by providing resources and equipment which will enhance the learning experience.

Kandi-Lee Crooks-Smith, principal of the receiving school, says her administrators and students are grateful and that the donation will have a spillover effect on present and future students.

“The computers that we have are outdated, so this contribution is a major stepping stone for our school,” she told Career & Education following the handover.

The other schools were slated to receive their equipment late last week, said project officer at JNBS Foundation Anna-Kim Robinson.

The monies were collected through donations asked of customers by JNBS and JNGI during the 2010/2011 calendar year.