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Making A Claim

The JNGI Mobile Claim Service, operated through our Jamaica Automobile Association (JAA) subsidiary, helps to give you peace of mind. ALL of our policyholders are entitled to this service, regardless of the type of motor policy you have.  Just call 1-888-225-5522 or 878-2886 and one of our 24-hour Mobile Officers will come and take care of your needs.

The JNGI Mobile Claim Service works with you throughout the entire claims process — from the initial response to the final resolution — to provide a caring service and to settle your insurance claim as quickly as possible. In addition, the JAA has a group of Approved Auto Repairers (AAR) who monitors the repair of your vehicle and gets you back on the road quickly.
Here are some of the services available with the JNGI Mobile Claim Service:

  • Accident Response- The JAA will come to you at the scene of an accident within 40 minutes of being called and take a report, including photographs. They will prepare the report and submit it to JNGI on your behalf. They will also provide you with security at the scene of an accident and collect reports from witnesses and documents from any third party.
  • Claims processing- The JAA will register all motor accidents to JNGI within 24 hours of receipt of a report. The JAA will also help you with preparation of estimates from your Approved Auto Repairer or non-AAR Shop. They will help to appoint an assessor, monitor the repairs and provide you with an update of the repair process.
  • Approved Auto Repairers (AAR) - This is a network of Auto Repair Shops certified by the JAA.  The AAR is expected to produce Estimates of Repairs within 48 hours of the vehicle being sent to their facility. Once an AAR has been selected by the customer, there will be no need for the assignment of an external assessor.

In addition to this service, all JNGI customers who are entitled to JAA Membership will have access to:

  • Emergency Roadside Assistance if your vehicle breaks down
  • Towing (1 free tow, subject to a maximum cost of $5,000)
  • Flat Tire Change
  • Battery Jump-Start
  • Emergency Fuel and Fluid Delivery
  • Locksmith Service

What Documents Should Be Supplied by the Insured to the JAA for an Accident Report?

  • Completed and signed JNGI Accident Report Form
  • Copies of the motor vehicle Certificates of Fitness and Registration
  • Copy of the Driver’s License of the person who was driving (where applicable)
  • Copy of Insurance Cover Notes and/or Certificates
  • Estimates of Repairs
  • Photographs of Damage to motor vehicle(s) involved in the accident
  • Photographs of Accident Scene
  • Any other accident related information 

Call 1-888-225-5522 or 878-2886 to make a claim, get roadside help or summon accident assistance. Our Mobile Officers will come to you whenever you need them, wherever you are!

Frequently Asked Questions

Motor Insurance

What is an Excess?

Otherwise called a deductible, is the first portion of a claim for damage to your vehicle. You are responsible for paying this amount regardless of who is at fault. Your insurance will pay for the remainder of the claim. The excess is usually 5% of the Sum Insured:

Motorcar insured for 1,000,000
Accident amounting to 200,000
Excess is 5% of SI or 50,000
You absorb 50,000
We pay 150,000

Why is there an Excess?
  • To reduce the cost of insurance
  • To eliminate small claims
  • To protect your asset by ensuring that you exercise due caution while driving, as the insured will be expected to bear some costs.
Why is my Excess sometimes 10%?

The higher excess is charged in cases where the risk of an accident occurring is higher than normal, subject to the type of vehicle and age and experience of the insured and/or driver.

What is the Standard Policy Excess?

5% or higher subject to other policy conditions

What Is the No Claim Bonus Scale?
Year Private Car Comprehensive Cover Commercial Comprehensive Cover
Yr. 1 20% 20%
Yr. 2 35% 30%
Yr. 3 45% 40%
Yr. 4 60% 55%
Yr. 5 65% 60%
Year Private Car Third Party Cover Commercial Third Party Cover
Yr. 1 15% 20%
Yr. 2 20% 30%
Yr. 3 30% 40%
Yr. 4 40% 40%
Yr. 5 45% 45%


What affects the price of motor insurance?

The main factor for escalating premiums is the overall poor claims experience of the motor pool. All premiums collected are pooled together to pay for claims. If there is a significant increase in the number and costs of claims within the annual contract, the entire pool will be adjusted the following year. However, your no-claim bonus serves to provide a savings for those who have not depleted the pool.

What are my premium payment options?
  • 50% deposit, balance due in 30 days
  • Premium Financing through JN Finance or any of our other approved financiers
  • Pay your premiums online using our Easy Payment options through JNLive, Scotia Online or NCB ELink.


Does JNGI offer Premium Financing?

We offer premium financing through JN Finance Ltd and other approved premium financiers. The terms on offer from JN Finance Ltd are as follows:

  • Deposit 20%
  • Balance spread over 3 to 9 months (balance can be paid at any JN branch, JN Finance or JNGI)
  • Low interest rate

NOTE: No financing on Third Party policies

Home Insurance

My home was damaged during a burglary. Is the damage covered?

This is generally covered under our Home Owner’s Policy. You should make a note of what is damaged or stolen and report the matter immediately to the Police.

My tree fell on my house. Does my policy cover the damages?

Generally, your JNGI Home Owner’s policy covers this situation. However, any of our Claim representatives would be happy to explain what your policy covers.

What should I do if there is a Catastrophe?

In Jamaica, we live with the reality of weather-related emergencies such as earthquakes, hurricanes and floods occurring at any time and affecting a large number of customers. Members of our Catastrophe Team are specially trained to handle your catastrophe claim and to get you back on your feet as quickly as possible. All of our insurance products, including motor, residential and commercial property, building under construction, among others, that include cover for catastrophes, are supported by the Catastrophe Team.

Depending on the conditions, we may advertise in the local media, with specific instructions for getting help with your claim.

Does my policy cover wear and tear?

Insurance is designed to cover the cost of unexpected losses. It does not cover wear and tear. If your property is not in a good state of repair, your claim may not be paid in full.

Are there any restrictions in cover if my house is unoccupied for long periods?

Yes. For certain damage cover is restricted after 30 days of the premises being left unoccupied.

How can I make sure the 'sums insured' stay up to date?

Current Valuation (not older than 1 year)

Are my possessions covered away from the home, on holiday for example?

Policies can be extended to provide loss to your possession while they are away from the home.

What type of damage to my home will you pay for?

JNGI’s Home Owners’ policy typically covers damage to the physical structure of the home, or damage to the contents of the home if insured, due to Fire, Lightning Explosion, Hurricane, Windstorm, Earthquake, Volcanic Eruption, Flood, Riot, Strike, Malicious damage, Impact damage, Burglary, Theft, Liability and where agreed, “All Risks” cover on certain items.

My damaged home is not safe or not habitable. Will my insurance cover the cost for temporary living arrangements?

If your policy has cover for alternative accommodation and a loss that your policy covers makes your home uninhabitable, then your policy would pay for additional living expenses needed to maintain your normal standard of living. Check your JNGI policy to see if you have coverage for Alternative Accommodation and what your limits are. One of our helpful Claim representatives can also assist you with these and other questions.